Property valuation, business valuation, brand valuation, valuation of construction expenditures and valuation of plant and machinery


The scope of our activities include the valuation of real estate, business valuation, brand valuation, valuation of plant and machinery and valuation of construction expenditures.

Hołda @ Wojtyna General Partnership has been operating in the field of assets valuation since 2007 and was established as a result of a merger between two entities. This brought in extensive knowledge to the newly established company in the form of legal, economic and engineering knowledge as well as knowledge in the fields of real estate market analysis and corporate financial analysis.
The founders of the company are Elżbieta Hołda and Marek Wojtyna. We are expert witnesses in Cracow’s Court Jurisdiction in the field of real estate valuation, business valuation and plant and machinery valuation. The head office is located in Krakow at 16 Zaleskiego Street.


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